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BPINKY - Meme with a Mission

πŸš€ Welcome to BPINKY, where the SOL meme revolution meets heartfelt charity.


Token Information



Meme with a Mission

πŸš€ Welcome to BPINKY, where the SOL meme revolution meets heartfelt charity. Inspired by MrBeast's rallying cry to "Adopt, Don't Shop" for dogs, BPINKY is more than just a trend – it's a movement with a purpose.



Token Allocation

Presale 21%
liquidity pool on Raydium 10%
Team 8%
Marketing 15%
Future Cex listing 15%
Staking rewards 15%
Airdrop 1%
Charity to Global Dog shelters (Linear in 2 years) 15%

Token Details

Token name BPINKY
Supply 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
Blockchain Solana
Presale price 1 SOL = 50,000 BPINKY Tokens
Listing price 1 SOL = 50,000 BPINKY Tokens
Tax 0/0
Initial Market Cap $200,000
Fully Diluted Value $1,000,000

🐾 Our Mission

Join Crypto Journey

Join us in the crypto journey that matters. BPINKY is dedicated to giving dogs a loving home through our charitable initiatives. Every transaction contributes to making a difference in the lives of our furry friends.

Meme with Heart

BPINKY is not just a memecoin; it's a symbol of compassion. Our community-driven approach ensures that every member plays a role in supporting the cause. Let's make every trade count for something more!

Explore BPINKY

Discover the power of BPINKY– where laughter and love collide in the crypto space. Be part of the movement that's changing lives, one paw at a time.

Development Roadmap

The Development journey of BPINKY

Phase 1


BPINKY takes flight ( DEX and CEX listing ), establishing its presence in the crypto sphere. Initial partnerships with shelters and adoption organizations kick off.

Phase 2

Community Building

We focus on building a strong, engaged community. Social impact initiatives and collaborations with influencers amplify our mission.

Phase 3

Utility Integration

BPINKY evolves beyond memes. Integrating utility features ensures sustainability and continued support for our charitable causes.

Phase 4

Global Impact

BPINKY aims to make a global impact, expanding partnerships, Top Tier 1 CEX Listing and contributing significantly to dog adoption initiatives worldwide.

Phase 5

Beyond the Moon

BPINKY becomes a force for positive change, with continued growth and influence in the crypto space. Together, we reach new heights for a brighter future.


Updates will be Added


Exchange Listings

Trade Where it Matters

BPINKY will be listed on major exchanges, providing easy access for enthusiasts to be part of our cause. Join the movement and trade with purpose.

Growing Ecosystem

BPINKY is expanding its presence across multiple exchanges, ensuring liquidity and accessibility for our community. Watch as we soar to new heights in the crypto world.


Get Updated with Our Community

Join and have fun with all your BPINKY Friends

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